IONOGENICS ATLANT DOME EC2HKS4 Cloud harvest ionization device

ATLANT – ELAT device

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Ionogenics ATLANT Dome is a brand new portable atmospheric ionization technology consisting of 3 main components:

Product description

  • Dome type antenna with triangular ionizer made of very good conductive materials. The antenna is adjustable in height and can reach over 7 meters. The dimensions of the antenna are calculated for an ionic resonance favorable to the aerosols in the respective atmosphere in order to reach the maximum effect.
  • The central unit supplies the antenna with green energy received from the Sun. It consists of a solar panel and the housing of the components of the high voltage HV generator but also of the batteries and accessories. The power generated by the central unit varies depending on the weather outside operating in an ecosystem with climatic factors, the higher the heat and drought the higher the energy of attracting rain. The generator provides bipolar high voltage fields and has the ability to reverse working modes to create both rainy weather or sunny weather depending on the type of aerosol desired to be ionized – for rainy weather, clear skies or for fog dispersal. The generator has an RMS power of 200Kv inseried and can reach a maximum of 10000Kv (10MeV) in frequency modulated pulse mode between antenna, local atmosphere and ground. The device requires knowledge of working with and handling very high voltages ! Regular working mode is at ~1000Kv, 1A – 5A depending on the climatic zone and the desired coverage distance. The system is set as standard for a radius of 5 km to 10 km to meet non-industrial standards. For a larger radius, you may need government approval in some countries. To avoid injury or casualties the device is set to pulsed mode on delivery, then, after reading the warnings instructions, can be changed to continuous mode by the customer using the instructions and components received in the package.
  • High grade military control and measurement unit. This unit shows if the device works by indicating the electro-ionic charge of the local atmosphere around the antenna and the working mode of the device, respectively the positive or negative polarization of the atmosphere to be sure that you get what you want.

Product type

ATLANT – ELAT type portable device for ionizing the atmosphere using controlled parameters.



Input Power Supply DC12V
Input Power Supply typeSolar
Power Supply Current5Ah
Power drain500mA – 5Ah
Power modeweather based, continuous, pulsed
Auxiliary Power DC Plug InYes, 12V
AC 110/220/380No
Operating intervalsolar, weather based, continuous (DC aux)
Output Power Voltage RMS200Kv
Output Power Voltage 10MeV (10000Kv)
Output X-Ray level at 10MeV< 0.5%
Output Power Voltage standard1000Kv
Output Power standard modepulsed
Output Power mode typemultiple mode supported
Output Power Current500mAh to 5Ah
Type of polarizationPositive and negative
Operating range standard5km to 10Km
Operating areaoutdoor external
Operating conditions-20C, +60C
CertificationCE, RoHS
Height2 m to 7.4 m
Width2 m2
MaterialsMetallic, ABS, Glass, plastics

Package contain main ionization dome “antenna”, central generator unit, verification control unit, battery,manual, instructions and optional building instructions – How to do yourself – patent license. Shipping +25 -50 days worldwide international with preorder.

Product installation

Reliability verification

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Product yield

The device has been successfully tested for 2 years in 3 different locations around the world. Below we present a mode of operation for attracting rain clouds within a radius of 50km. The last test was carried out in Europe in 2021 in meteorological conditions that did not involve massive changes in air masses or rain conditions in the location of the IONOGENICS installation. Test parameters: 1000Kv high power parallel mode, current 5A, hydrology at the device location <47%, hydrology after testing >68%, test duration 48h, cloud formations drawn from 50km to the device location. Lightning rods have been installed for safety. The devices used were protected against lightning. There were no negative effects on the environment or on climate models.