Cloudbuster – Chembuster

Ionogenics Cloudbuster (Chembuster) – Chemtrails cleaner device

What is Ionogenics Cloudbuster device and what exactly does it do?

The Ionogenics Cloudbuster (IC) it’s a multi composite experimental device with successful results in multiple areas. One of the IC utility is to induce a change in weather parameters, the ability to scatter clouds or accumulate them, especially the artificial clouds resulting from the chemical processes in the atmosphere and the ionization of nanometric particles where it shows a high efficiency compared to natural processes.

Ionogenics portable Chembuster product

Available for preorder the new model for the year of 2024

Shipping time: ~ 2-3 months for Europe

A short look inside

It’s a composite device made after the W. Reich studies in order to manage the Ether – Orgone flux together with the vortex science, Cavity Structure Effect CSE, laboratory crystal and wave guides.

The IC chemtrails cloudbuster from Ionogenics

The IC is a quick age technology very complex composite machine that combine high frequency currents at HV levels combined with Wilhelm Reich Aether/Orgone and Viktor Grebennikov CSE inspired technologies. The main stage of the device is a Orgone accumulator that act as a capacitor and together with a metallic sphere with a crystal core act as a oscillator.

What is the IC Chembuster device range?

The IC chemtrails buster range vary from 15 km to over 50 km radius depending on the amplitude of climatic factors.

How do I know if it works?

The IC device usually produce a immediately effect in weather conditions (not working well in the time of an event like a strong and violent air mass, storms, cyclones and hurricanes, etc). In the case that the weather forecast is showing in the future the presence of cyclones or sudden changes in air masses, the continuous action of the device is necessary at least 48 hours before the arrival of the cyclone or the change of air masses in order to produce effects.

Ionogenics Cloudbuster Sky Cleaning Video Footage

The IC will produce fallstreak holes in the chemtrails and bust them away, if it’s cloudy by artificial chemical presence in atmosphere then the Sun will appear in cloud holes, if the weather is modified by chemtrails to be drought then all the clouds will go over the device, they will accumulate over the device location and will be dissolved by grounding, then you will know that it’s work’s. Somtimes when the internal frequencies of the device will vary then it’s possible that the chemtrails to be attracted as linear shapes over the device locations and sometimes busted away as fallstreak holes that will grow and move away the chemtrails. Another method to test the device working condition is also the measurement of the variations in the outside brightness level after turning on the device compared to the non-functional device. Were observed: the formation of DOR type clouds (see video at the bottom of the page), the removal of chemical traces from the atmosphere, the accumulation of clouds above the location and their dispersal, the formation of a clear sky around the accumulation of clouds, the formation of a clear sky above the location of the device with the fallstreak holes, sunlight becomes more orange or red at sunset in the location of the device, deviation of rain masses, unexpected rains only in the location of the device, etc., more details will be received in the user manual.

Where can be Chembuster used?

The IC device it’s a Scalar Vortex type device and doesn’t transmit radio waves or geomagnetic waves. Anyway it’s using HV and HF currents and sometimes can emit O2 ozone as any HV device. It is recommended to be used away from children, people with heart conditions or who have electronic medical devices with implants. It is recommended to be placed in a room with ventilation that is not frequented. It is totally forbidden for a living being to stagnate above or below the device for more than 5 minutes. The good location would be in the attic, in the garage, or you can order an outdoor version, but that will cost you much more. Sometimes it is necessary for the device to work continuously for 10 hours a day for several consecutive days according to the instructions for use that will come with the device and its accessories. The device can also be used in the apartment on the balcony or in an uninhabited room, but on the last floor and with a scalar transmitter that will be mounted outside. The device requires maximum attention and caution because it uses high voltage!

Dimensions: 180 cm height x 60 cm width x 50 cm

How much does it cost

As it is still an experimental device, beta testing prototypes are offered for testing, available with preorder at the price of 2500 euros + shipping. The amount is paid into the representative’s bank account. Only Live video support is provided for installation and various tests and adjustments, no warranty is given on components. The device requires installation by the customer but we will provide online live support. Commercial series products can be purchased at the price of 10,250 euros and the components benefit from a 2-year warranty, money back or refund. We offer testing to avoid client confusion before the purchase, at the company’s location, it requires the buyer’s travel in EU zone.

What is it made of?

In order to create a strong scalar vortex at the clouds high level the IC device is made from multiple stages and components as can be seen in the image bellow, we will explain each component further:

  1. The Orgone accumulator or the Capacitor made by a unique Grebennikov – Reich internal structure to accumulate and to eliminate the energies. Made by cardboard with aluminum and polyurethane insulation and with 2 special metallic plates as anode and cathode on external faces. On external the IC capacitor will be delivered covered in a special natural seaweed case as you can see in 3D graphics or in another natural material.
  2. Over the Orgone accumulator there is a HV spiral coil that amplify the vortex made by insulated cooper.
  3. The cooper coil is surrounded by CSE structures, respectively beetle wings that form a field force for the vortex direction.
  4. Inside the center of the cooper spiral coil there is a special cut shape natural crystal in order to sustain and initiate the vortex.
  5. (and 4 bis.)This is a CSE conically structure studied by Grebennikov that has inside other cones, this structure serve to the absorbing or repulsion of the Aether/Orgone and also to convert or divert the energy. Will be shipped in a solid form not by cardboard like it is in the prototype version.
  6. Conical wave guide pyramid that cover the other components. This will be shipped with a plastic material not made by cardboard like the prototype is.
  7. External absorbing or emission cannon, if used inside this element needs to be mounted outside in order to have better link with the atmosphere. Made from inspired CSE internal structure by Grebennikov and W. Reich.
  8. Metallic Sphere with crystal core inside. One of the most important component of the system because it’s a quartz oscillator encapsulated in a polystyrene sphere and connected to the main hv circuit that include also the other parts. Without this oscillating component the device can’t impress the atmosphere. Further I will describe with some video recordings the main tests made with the first version of this Sphere oscillator.*
  9. Power supply – composed by a 12 volts car battery or 3 x 12v 7.2 ah batteries or 120/220 to 12 volts transformers or 5 volts batteries or transformers, the device support multiple voltages in order to power supply the HV modules that amplify the vortex together with the geometries involved. The IC device consumption can vary from 10 to 50 watts/h depending from the outside climatic conditions.

Small prototype image and video recordings

Some of the testing and experiments with the prototypes were made inside and other components like the oscillating Sphere with a crystal core were taken outside, you can see bellow video footage during tests and operation of the device and components. The tests were performed over 7 months daytime and night time outside and inside (in building or in nature) with successful results.

Testing the component named “Sphere” with the crystal core outside:

Runing the device prototype inside testing room:

More prototype tests during night time made inside testing room in building:


Initially the device was not meant to be given or sold but at the request of some close people who asked me to make a presentation page own it. Personally, I prefer not to give these devices to people who do not have knowledge in the field of electronics, physics, meteorology and geophysics. Two versions of this device already work’s in two different secret locations and another one is ready to go, so if the chemical intoxication of the atmosphere gives negative results or the radio modulation is not working for you properly or is a failure, you should know that such a device works in that region.

This device is not sold as a commercial product but as a beta testing preorder. Before shipping, an disclaimer agreement will be signed for working with objects under high voltage. What you will get more exactly? You will get the entire conical and rectangle structure with all accessories showed bellow:

The device as well as it will be shipped
Number of accessories that will be included in shipping

If you have more question do not hesitate to write us at or or to contact one of our representatives.

The device is not under any circumstances emitting nuclear radioactive radiation or radio waves. The device makes a polarity change in air masses and put the particles in the atmosphere in motion due to the generated scalar vortex.