Affiliate Program

We make award-winning atmospheric ionization devices that can help fight against climatic changes and induce sunny weather or favors water drops formations, rainy cloud harvest or fog dissipation. For every Atlant Dome product sold, you will help in climatic changes fight efforts and we offer you a $1000 USD reward in your bank account since the product was completely paid by the customer .

Our products are used in the outdoors, industrial or everyday life.

How this work?

You may promote our products in order to gain new customers or to reach new markets in countries. Each affiliate receive a custom price discount code to offer to the customers and when a customers order the product you can act as a intermediary between our company and the customer. We will ask each customer about recommendation, landing source and discount type if exist.

With the Ionogenics atmospheric ionization affiliate program you get instant access to powerful marketing assets, a constant stream of press and media attention, and a strong social media presence.

Becoming a Affiliate

We are interested in teaming-up with people and businesses that share our passion for adventure and our mission.

IVERTRADE FINANCE company manages our affiliate program. As an affiliate you may advertise our products and receive commissions for the sales generated. Send us an email at to start do business togheter. Affiliates are they always kept up to date with the processing of transactions to know if the products are sold or not or to know the number of customers. Upon request, a collaboration / affiliation contract can be done.

We look forward to working with you!