FIGHT Climate Change - Atmospheric Ionization

Bringing the science of weather modification into the 21st century.

Severe Weather Defense, Heavy Rain Prevention, Flood Prevention, Heat Wave Prevention, Draw Prevention, Blizzard Prevention

Provides weather modification services that address multiple needs. Whether you are looking to increase or decrease precipitation, combat forest fires, or dissipate fog, Ionogenics’ environmentally-friendly technology can help with atmospheric ionization.

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Ionogenics Cloudbuster

Autonomous Rainmaker devices

The level of electricity in the atmosphere must be improved and developed to slow down global warming and climate degradation. Thus, we have developed portable affordable devices for every investor ready to fight climate change and to defend their business against the negative effects of climate change. The portable devices produced by us are the most accessible and easy to use. These have been successfully tested for 2 years and we have obtained very good results. These devices are the key to the success of your business, or even to protect and grow the crop in the garden behind your house.

“We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.”

With next generation Ionogenic Water Technology architecture by atmospheric ionization, IONOGENICS get very good results using a new portable cloud ionization technology using Solar Green Energy on international RDI tech branch. The devices have been tested in various locations and in different types of climates in Central America – Mexico, Europe – Romania and continental Africa. As visitor you are invited to know and learn more about existing solutions to change the future of our planet for the better and to prevent a climate catastrophe. As an investor or client of our devices and services, we offer you several types of collaborations just by contacting us.

Our devices increases natural precipitation by inducing ionization of aerosol particles by atmospheric ionization, a friendly atmospheric process and environmentally using green energy without waste. The technology acts ionogenic favoring the formation of water microparticles in the atmosphere but also attracting rain clouds based on an electrical potential difference between the atmosphere and the Earth. This technology can reduce droughts, support agriculture, diminish forest fires and provides fresh water for suffering communities.

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For Smart City

The Atlant Dome can be installed in smart cities in order to reduce polluation effects and refresh the air and health.

For Airports

The Atlant Dome reduce fog and favorize a perfect landing for all airports. Already used in major airports.

The devices have been tested by atmospheric ionization in various locations and in different types of climates in Central America – Mexico, Europe – Romania and continental Africa. The device is a combination of ELAT and ATLANT atmospheric ionization device. Portable devices can work in dual mode to attract water-laden particles or to generate particles to favor sunny weather. More details about portable technology can be found on the product page: